Artist Statement

Color makes me happy.  This feeling is reflected in my art.  I absolutely must use bright colors juxtaposed.  No blending for me.  No subtle shading.  Give me color!


It is only recently that I have learned that this gift I have of putting color together in the way that I do is art.  Growing up, I considered my cousin the artist.  He could draw anything and everything.   I could not draw…but I could  see color and how it could be used to express feelings.  It is exciting to now be told that what I do is art.  Why didn’t I know this sooner?

You may also notice that my creations often take the form of human-like faces.  I have always been an observer of people, whether fictional or real.  Describing a personality with words is a challenge, but describing a personality without words gives me great joy and satisfaction. 

I have discovered glass. Even though I cannot draw, I can cut and design glass.   I can fuse glass.  I can take glass in the form of beads and create.  Does this make me an artist?  I don’t know.  I do know it makes me happy and I have fun. 

I am a retired English teacher with two sons, two grandchildren, and one wonderful husband.  We are “Harley people,” who love to ride and still have fun together every single day.


Neilla Flanagin